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Frequently Asked Questions

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How can I report a website issue?

If you are having trouble with links, viewing the site, or receiving error messages, please send an email to CustomerCare so that we can address the issue.  Please be as specific as possible, as this will allow for the best probability in resolving the issue. Thank you.

Where can I purchase your books?

Our books are available as paperback and ebooks, and can be purchased through Amazon, Barnes&Noble, and iTunes, as well as in local bookstores. If you have a local bookstore that you think would carry our books, contact Marketing with the name and contact information of the bookstore.



Are your books DRM-free?

Our digital books are DRM-free so you may use on any devices you may own.

Do you accept submissions?

Unfortunately, we are not accepting manuscripts or book submissions at this time. 

I am a bookseller/wholesaler. Whom should I contact?

Please email Marketing for more information.


How can I obtain a copy of a book for review?

Review Copies are complimentary to members of the media (print, broadcast, electronic) for interviews, publicity purposes, or written reviews. Please document demonstrated readership or circulation by completing our Media Request Form and sending your request to Marketing.

How can I acquire an exam or desk copy of a book?

If you are an instructor and are considering using a Blue Sapphire book for a class, please make your request for a desk or exam copy directly to Marketing.


Exam copies are available at 50% discount to professors considering adopting the title for classroom use. Shipping is complimentary. Once the form has been submitted and approved, you will receive a Paypal invoice for the copies requested. Click to request a copy.

Desk Copies and their shipping are complimentary to professors for use in courses with enrollment of 10 or more students. Click to request a copy.

How can I request a media packet?

To request a media packet, please email Marketing.


How can I obtain reprint or photocopy permissions?

To obtain permission to reprint or photocopy an excerpt from one of our titles, please read through these guidelines and email the following information to Marketing.

  • Your name, address, phone, and email
  • The title and author of the book to be excerpted
  • The ISBN or year of publication
  • The specific material you would like to reprint, including page numbers, with the first line of the beginning paragraph and last line of the ending paragraph.

If reprinted material is requested for inclusion in:

  • A published book you are writing, provide
    • Title, approximate page count, and expected first print run of the book in which the material will be used
    • Territory in which the publisher plans to sell the book
  • Print, newspaper, journal, or electronic media, identify
    • The name of the media
    • Its circulation or readership
  • A scholarly paper, identify
    • The conference for which you are writing the paper and your institution
  • A workshop or lecture handout, identify
    • The name of the workshop or lecture, date and location of workshop, and number of attendees.
  • A course you are teaching, identify
    • The name of the course, institution, number of students, and semester taught.
  • For all other uses, state how you intend to use the content.


How do I know what is considered fair use?

Fair use law allows small passages of books to be reprinted, with proper citation, in the service of public discourse. If your request is not poetry and it amounts to less than 250 words, chances are it falls under “fair use.” If you aren’t sure, feel free to contact us at CustomerCare.


How would you like me to credit your books?

With each permission granted, we will specify a credit line, but it might be helpful to know that our standard credit line is as follows:

“From (title), by (author), © (date of publication). Reprinted by arrangement with Blue Sapphire Books, San Diego, CA.

Please send the above information to Marketing.


How can I obtain foreign rights?

Publishers who are interested in reviewing a Blue Sapphire book for foreign rights, translations rights, or reprint permissions, please submit a request in writing to Marketing.

Permission fees are based on quantity of text requested.

For more questions, please write us at