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There are drops of dew that show like sapphires in the grass as soon as the great sun appears, and leaves stir behind the hushed flight of an escaping dove.
–Thomas Merton, The Sign of Jonas, p. 362

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Beverly Lanzetta

Founder & Publisher

Beverly Lanzetta is a theologian and spiritual teacher, and the author of seven books on global spirituality and new monasticism that have won praise for their wisdom, eloquence, and mystical insight. In forming Blue Sapphire Books, her intention was to reach directly into the hearts of people—wherever they may live and from any or no religious persuasion— who long to live differently, giving themselves to the quest for meaning and love, the quest for the Divine. Dedicated to a vision of theological openness and spiritual nonviolence, Beverly has been guiding others in the universal call to contemplation for almost forty years.

Is it any wonder there are so many people without a rudimentary understanding of the interior life, forced to flee their religious heritage in search of meaning and love? No doubt my defense of the defenseless took root here, not through my own will but through the One who gave me the courage to stand against falsehood. And not long after, I was illuminated by a thought: it was not religion that brought me to God, but solitude. Beverly Lanzetta

Nine Jewels of Night

Pamela J Johnson
Marketing Consultant

Across her 35 years in publishing, Pamela has worked as a marketing manager at the University of Minnesota Press, Meyer-Stone Books, Fortress Press, and Saint Mary’s Press and has owned her own editorial and marketing services company since 1986. She lives at Still Point Farm in Brooklyn, Wisconsin where her husband grows flowers and she hosts “field to fork” dinners and offers retreats for writers and artists.


Nelson Kane
Art and Production Department  

With study in art and design from the University of Miami and the School of Visual Arts in New York, Nelson Kane has worked in the advertising and publishing world, serving as designer and art director. He has been the art director of Weavings Journal for over 25 years, is the art director of Oneing, a new spiritual magazine, and now focuses almost exclusively on designing for religious and spiritual organizations. Influenced by the great work of religious design from the past, Nelson would like to bring the sacred back into contemporary literary design.


Shana Lanzetta
Website & Electronic Marketing

Shana comes to the BSB team with experience both familiar and foreign. She is innate to this team because she is one of Beverly’s children, but is formally educated in voice and choir, which she taught for 15 years. Shana likes to spend time with her husband and tireless 4-year-old who sings songs about unicorns making broccoli. She also likes to play fetch with her two lovable dogs. Shana is excited for this new path and to help her mom get her work out there!