Nine Jewels of Night

Nine Jewels of Night is a profoundly moving account of theologian and spiritual teacher Beverly Lanzetta’s conversion beyond the boundaries of established religions to the one reality at the heart of all religions, and to a singular path of contemplation. In this spiritual autobiography, Lanzetta reflects on the Divine nature, suffering, mystical experience, the search for solitude, the monastic heart, and being empty of self.



Path of the Heart is a modern spiritual classic, and the first written account of the life-changing mystical revelations of divine suffering and divine love that Beverly Lanzetta experienced in 1976. This newly expanded edition describes the interior process of mystical intimacy or union, combining insights from her transformation with those she witnessed in the souls of people who came to her for spiritual guidance.

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If someone should want to behold the state of his mind, let him deprive himself of all mental representations, and then he shall behold himself resembling sapphire or the colour of heaven.

Evagrius of Ponticus

(ca. 345-399), Reflections, 2